Don't risk paying the price for crappy translation

It's such a bummer to develop a great product and a strong brand identity, just to see it fail to sell because potential customers around the world don't understand what makes it special!

The cultural norms of your potential clients in Spain or Japan are different from those in the USA or Brazil. That's why at Worders we help you localize your business by using the perfect words and tone of voice for each target audience, without ever losing sight of your industry's specific culture and standards.

Teamed up with international business trendsetters

We work with digital-first companies (most of which are, in fact, digital-only) who are breaking new ground in their markets. What do they need? To offer content that speaks perfectly to all their target audiences, regardless of how niche or technical their business area or product may be.

Tailor-made service, scalable processes and uncompromising quality for all your localization needs

Translation is good, but localization is better. Transcreation is the way forward, but wait until you discover the power of culturalization: the art of perfectly adapting all your content to each audience to reach them with a message that speaks directly to them and is perfectly adapted to their culture. This includes the right tone of voice, the appropriate vocabulary, local references that will make them smile, and much more.

PS: In case you ever need it, we also offer copywriting and proofreading ;-).

The more demanding you are, the better we become

To keep up with the international market leaders (or wannabe international market leaders), we are constantly honing our expertise. This is what allows us to be at the top of most iconic businesses (lingerie, collectibles, finance & business), technologies (crypto/blockchain, data management, B2B software) and formats (e-commerce, mobile apps, hardware).

No matter how unique your brand is, whether your content is intended for marketing, communications, or technical purposes, just give us the ingredients and we'll cook them up using our secret family recipe. Be warned: you'll come back for seconds!

So much more than just another localization agency

We are creative and passionate. That's why we’ve gathered a unique team of talents from the four corners of the world, who are perfectly aware of their own culture and the specificities of their market to meet all your expectations and your internationalization needs.

We are experts in each of our domains, from localization to copywriting, from SEO to marketing, from linguistics to tech and beyond, enabling us to advise you and provide you with end-to-end solutions. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your ambitions, your projects, and your special requests.

Make yourself known

If you are tech savvy, digitally-minded, passionate, flexible, proactive, and you want to work on super interesting (and super challenging) projects, contact us! FYI, we never haggle on freelancer rates - we know how valuable you are!

Let's talk about your needs

If you consider localization an integral part of your international investment strategy, let's talk. We will definitely find the solution you need, whether you have an urgent project or are looking for a long-term partner.

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